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Atkinson is a quiet, bedroom community town located in southern New Hampshire. The winding road of Main Street is both historic and beautiful and was recently adopted as one of New Hampshire's scenic byways. Conveniently located between Routes 125 and 111, you can enjoy country living with easy access to shopping and urban areas.

Current News and Upcoming Events!

27, 2016

Voluntary Water Ban in Effect

In accordance with RSA 41:11-d, effective immediately, there will be Voluntary Water ban (pdf) for all residents within the boundaries of the Town of Atkinson until further notice.

26, 2016

2016 General Election Info

Attached is an important 2016 Voting location Update (pdf), please mark your calenders. The voting will take place in the Academy on November 8th.

25, 2016

2017 Bids

Check out the 2017 Highway department, and other department bids now posted under the 'Public notices' section of the website. Please check back weekly (updated 09/25)

24, 2016

Town Mosquito Report

Attached is the Atkinson Mosquito Pools report (pdf) for Atkinson. We have had our first West Nile Virus positive mosquito pool in Nashua last week, but there have been no positives in Atkinson.
Also attached are the arbonet reports for arboviral (pdf) activity throughout the US.

15, 2016

Towns 2016 Primary Election Results

Click here to view the 'Official' Ballot of the tallied results. (pdf)

August 26

Atkinson's Got Talent

Atkinson Recreation Commission and ACTV-20 are hosting this event, and open to all residents in Atkinson on October 28th in the Community Center. Do you want to take the stage and perform and have a great time as well. Here is your opportunity to do so. Fill out this form and you will then be contacted. This is a free event for entries and admission. And the event will be televised on ACTV-20
If you would like to be involved with the production side, message Russell Wolff

July 29

E-Coli Outbreak Associated with Ground Beef

The attached NH Health Alert Network (HAN) message contains key points and recommendations, situational update, background information, and reporting requirements on an important health topic. For any questions regarding the contents of this message, please contact NH DHHS, DPHS, Bureau of Infectious Disease Control at 603-271-4496 (after hours 1-800-852-3345 x5300). To change your contact information in the NH Health Alert Network, contact Thom Flynn at 603-271-7499 or

July 22

2016 Mosquito Report

The following is a letter from the company who does the Mosquito Testing in Town, information regards the Zika Virus.
The letter is Mosquito Collection Report 2016

July 21

Fire Department Over-Expenditure Documents

At a recent Board of Selectmen Meeting, the over-expenditure request requirements were challenged by the Fire Department which claimed they followed the rules of the Fire Association and not the Selectmen. The Selectmen sought a legal opinion and an overview along with all related documents can be found by following this link here.

March 16

Selectmen's Meeting Agenda

Please note that when the Selectmen's meeting Agenda is provided to the webmaster as an additional method of posting (in addition to ACTV and the Town Hall bulletin board), they can be found as follows:

At the top of the home page, click on the "Calendar" link.

On the "Town Government Calendar" select the "Agenda" tab.

Click on the text "Selectmens Meeting" under the date of interest. The agenda will drop down and display.

March 8

2016 Town of Atkinson Election Results

The 2016 Town of Atkinson election and warrant results from the March 8th voting have been tabulated. To view a the results click here.

Jan 6

Elder Services Calls

All calls for services, medical equipment and transport requests may be made to 603.362.9582 between the hours of 8:30 am and 12:00 noon Monday through Friday.

Jan 5

Atkinson Cemetery Expansion

The Atkinson Cemetery Trustees are currently working with the engineering firm of Keach-Nordstrom Associates, Inc. to plan the Atkinson Cemetery Expansion project. To view drawings, costs and other relevant documents click here.

Click here for more news, details and archives.

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