New Proposed Police Station Information


The Atkinson Board of Selectmen are proposing the construction of a new Police Station on Main Street at a Town owned parcel of land. The proposed plan involves the construction of a 12,000 sq.ft. municipal public safety facility which includes proper layout design for a modern police department, aligning with different mandated National standards of safety and workplace compliance, as well as a two-car sally port (attached garage and safe-holding/lock security), holding cells, and training/meeting area.

This project is being formally proposed to the Town of Atkinson after a 7-year period of planning, design, and review. The facility has been designed to accommodate the Atkinson Police Department staff and operations for the next 50+ years of departmental and Town-wide growth and function. This project is being proposed because the current Police Station, located at 27 Academy Avenue, is housed in a building that is 180+ years old and suffers from many health, size, and age deficiencies including: Poor water quality, poor air filtration and ventilation, poor insulation, mold, deteriorated and possibly harmful building materials, rodent infestations, single unisex bathroom and locker room, inadequate workstations, inadequate parking, little to zero storage (interior/exterior), no holding area, undersized for current department, among others.

  • Total Bond Cost: $8,400,000 (Turn key construction- includes all costs of construction, administration, technology, furniture, finishes, etc.). *Grant and other funding opportunities are being pursued to reduce the final cost.
  • Location:  Map 17, Lot 11: 1.3 acres, wooded lot with direct access to Rt. 121. Obtained via tax sale in 1967.
  • Building: Police Station Design Plan
  • Municipal Budget Impact: Beginning in 2/2025, payments of $780,000 begin, reducing by 2% yearly.
  • Tax Impact- 25 year bond @ 3.75% interest rate:

Home Value






25 Year Bond

$0.4 Impact



$0.4 Impact



$0.4 Impact



$0.4 Impact



$0.4 Impact



2% decrease in tax impact each year consecutively.

$12,500,000 total paid after 25 years.

Please click the link below to view the discussion of the proposed police station at the Public Hearing which took place on January 8, 2024.

Proposed Police Station Public Hearing