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Fire Department


  • Chief - Michael E. Murphy
  • Deputy Chief - Kevin J. Landry
  • Fire Captain - Al Goldstein
  • 1st Lieutenant - Jeffrey Murphy
  • 2nd Lieutenant - Jason Landry
  • EMS Captain - Frederick P. Beckwith
  • EMS Lieutenant - Daniel Beckwith
  • Members -
  • Albert Apitz Andrew Cammilleri Stephen Councilman Ryan H. Dame
    Joshua Dugdale Charles D. Earley Andrew Fournier Ronald Gale
    David Holigan Paula Holigan Darrell Hollenbeck Nikolaos Hantzis
    Andrew Murphy Robert Neil Ben Noyes Nicholas D. Orio
    Carroll B. Ray John F. Rockwell Joseph Salvagno Andrew Schafer
    Brennan Scott Christopher Slavit Abigail Stephens Edward A. Stewart
    Donna J. Sullivan Jared Walker Andrea Wenzel David M. Weymouth
    Stephen J. Wooster      
  • Fire Department Clerk -
  • John F. Rockwell
  • Fire Inspectors -
  • Charles D. Earley Michael E. Murphy
  • Forest Fire Warden -
  • Michael E. Murphy
  • Deputy Wardens -
  • Albert Apitz Darrell A. Hollenbeck Kevin J. Landry
    Donald L. Murphy Edward A. Stewart David M. Weymouth
  • Firefighters Association -
  • Andrew Murphy, President

Contact Information

  • By Phone
    • EMERGENCY: 911
    • POISON CONTROL: 800.222.1222
    • NON EMERGENCY Business Phone: 603.362.5611
    • Fire Inspector (Voice Mail): 603.362.4203
    • Fax: 603.362.9295
  • By Email
  • By Mail
    • Atkinson Fire Department, Town Of Atkinson NH, PO Box 6 (Academy Avenue), Atkinson, NH 03811

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  • Q - Where do I obtain a Fire Permit?
    • A - Fire Permits are obtained locally through the Forest Fire Warden, Deputy Warden’s and Issuing Agents. You can contact the Forest Fire Warden Michael E. Murphy at the Atkinson Fire Department non emergency business phone, 603.362.5611 for more information.
  • Q - How much does a Fire Permit cost?
    • A - There is no cost to obtain a written fire permit.
  • Q - When is a Fire Permit required?
    • A - A Fire Permit is required anytime there is not a 100 foot radius of complete snow cover around the fire.
  • Q - What time can a fire be kindled?
  • Q - Can I burn trash?
    • A - Residential trash burning is a public health risk. State law, RSA 125-N strictly prohibits trash burning . Please read the No Trash Burning Brochure above for more information.
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