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Atkinson Recycling and Hazardous Waste

  • General Recycling Hints
  • Try Earth 911 for more information
  • Recycling TVs, Electronics, Computers and parts?
  • Try Windfield Alloy Inc. on Route 111. They accept most any electronic parts.
  • Recycling batteries?
  • Recycling batteries? Certain types of batteries contain mercury and other heavy metals that are very hazardous. You can recycle them at Batteries Plus or Cartridge World in Salem. (Note: non-rechargeable AA and AAA batteries are not recycled in these places.)

Check your energy use with FREE home kit from Kimball Library

    Kimball Library has a number of "Cut the Carbon" kits provided by New Hampshire electric utilities. These kits have the energy-measuring "Kill-a-Watt" meter which can be used to measure the energy consumption of any standard wall appliance in your home: TV, coffee pot, computer, etc. These kits are available FREE to any Atkinson resident in the Kimball Library and can be checked out for two weeks. See the librarian for more information and to get a meter.

    For more information on this program and other energy-saving tips, go to NH Saves

Heating with Wood (UNH Cooperative Extension)

Caring for Shorefront Property

ATVs and Motorized Vehicles on Conservation Lands

  • Island Pond Shorefront Owners
  • Commission members continue to spend a significant amount of time trying to address the ever increasing problem of damage caused to town lands by careless riders of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). We continue to follow multiple attempts at the State Legislature level to address this issue and are continuously trying to understand how these laws will apply to our town lands. For now, the Commission and the Atkinson Police Department encourage you to call the Department with any complaints about improper operation of these vehicles around your home. For more information please read ATV's and Wetlands (pdf).
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