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Conservation Commission


ChairpersonPaul Wainwrightexpires 2022
Vice ChairpersonBill Steeleexpires 2023
SecretaryPete McVayexpires 2023
 John Fournierexpires 2024
 Scott Kukshtelexpires 2024
 Jeff Nenartexpires 2022
 Suzie Newmanexpires 2024


 Monique Chretienexpires 2023
 Hannah Friedexpires 2022
 Denise Legaultexpires 2024

Emeritus Advisors (non-voting)

  • Tim Dziechowski
  • Dan Kimball
  • Dennis Krause

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About Us

    The Atkinson Conservation Commission was established by vote at Town Meeting in March of 1974 (Article 1974-23), and operates under the provisions of RSA 36-A. Our mission is to:

        * Provide a focal point within the town for environmental concerns. Be an advocate for the conservation of our natural environment, and raise public awareness of the benefits of open space in our town.
        * Serve as an advisory board to the NH State Wetlands Bureau and the Atkinson Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment for permitting and variance issues.
        *Manage the Town Forests, as authorized by RSA 31:112 and numerous Town Meeting votes, including but not limited to periodic selective logging, invasive species control, and establishment of public use regulations.
        *Inspire, organize, encourage, advise, and educate conservation-minded residents to help maintain the town’s conservation trails, and provide signage, blazes, maps, and interpretive markers to facilitate the public’s use and enjoyment of our open spaces.
        *Actively seek out opportunities to further protect our dwindling open spaces and groundwater resources, including but not limited to purchasing land, or conservation easements to land. Where possible, look for grants to augment our town’s Conservation Fund.
        *Help town residents understand wetland zoning and state regulations, and advise homeowners with questions about their property, especially those private lands that abut conservation lands.
        *Support Scout Troup 9 and similar organizations by providing opportunities, guidance, and modest funding for Eagle Scout and other conservation-related public service projects.

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